Academic Overview

Our academic program...
is based on the premise that critical thinking, effective communication skills, and a genuine commitment to learning are achieved in an environment that encourages the active participation of students in the educational process.  Raynor Country Day School blends traditional, proven approaches to learning with new innovative educational methods to make sure students reach their highest potential.

Where We Excel

Raynor Country Day School is a strong academic school which prides itself on a student-centered approach to education. Listed below you will locate a broad spectrum of programs and areas which contribute to the overall excellence of Raynor Country Day School:

  • Small class sizes may be found at each grade level. Our full-time Pre-Kindergarten classes are comprised of 18 students with a teacher and a teaching assistant. All classes, Kindergarten through Sixth Grade are comprised of no more than 16 students.
  • Individualized instruction occurs across all grade levels. Our small class sizes ensure that individualized instruction takes place to recognize and further develop strengths and/or weaknesses evident in each child.
  • In addition to individualized instruction, Raynor students identified as gifted, talented, or in need of remediation are assisted through our Raynor’s Innovative Students are Exceptional (RISE) program. The R.I.S.E. program challenges, inspires, and motivates students with exceptional qualities. The program has three specific components: (a) the Gifted section will allow children to utilize expanded reading, writing, speaking, listening, math, science, technology, and reasoning skills while exploring specific content areas, (b) the Talented section will target children who are exhibiting exceptional ability in areas of specific interest and may also be exhibiting difficulties in other areas, and (c) the Remedial section will seek out individual students’ strengths while targeting specific needs through one-on-one and small-group instruction.
  • Music, Chorus, Art, Foreign Language, and Physical Education begin as early as Pre-Kindergarten and continue through Sixth Grade. A heavy emphasis is applied to these co-curricular, or special areas.
  • Our Instrumental Program is introduced to students as early as Kindergarten. Through the use of recorders and keyboards, children learn basic instrumental skills to prepare them for further development of their rhythmical and musical abilities and talents.
  • Our Instrumental Program enhances the development of aspiring musicians by offering an introduction to band beginning at third grade and continuing through sixth Grade.
  • Our hands-on Science Laboratory is accessed by all students Pre-Kindergarten- -Sixth Grade. The Science Laboratory features a salt-water marine ecosystem, a butterfly garden, several fresh-water tanks, assorted plant species, microscopes, lab tables, and much more.
  • Our 18-station Computer Lab is utilized by all students Pre-Kindergarten- -Sixth Grade. The computer lab features flat-panel screens, a color printer, and modern desktops, as well as a wireless internet system.
  • Technology instruction is further enhanced in our middle-school grades with the use of wireless laptops and interactive white boards.
  • Community service, character education, and manners are stressed daily by all members of our staff. The entire student body, Kindergarten- -Sixth Grade, meets weekly to develop these areas through an organized group called Raynor Knights. Through this organization, children participate in school-organized community outreach activities on a monthly basis and learn to serve the needs of others.